Sid Meier's Civilization VI Cheats and Trainer for Steam

This has been pointed out repeatedly above as well. My best guess is there is no desire to fix/update the trainer to address it.

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The Sid Meier’s Civilization VI cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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after recent update the cheat does not work even after things are turned on, none of the functions work, anyone has the same issue?

Works ok here…Also they have fixed the Aluminium issue

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Its fixed!

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Unhandled exception error on steam when launching.

there are some errors when steam, the screen remains blocked when selecting settlers and a lot more

Anyone knows of a better way to cheat population? I’m sort of doing a weird gameplay where I need to fill my tiles with districts and the min pop cheat only gives me a maximum of 4.

I have the Cheat Menu Panel mod installed but the Add +1 pop doesn’t seem to be working for me. Right now, I’m doing the manual Cheat Engine change value method but would love to know if someone knows of a better way. Thanks.

Anyone can explain on how to use the God Mode cheat in Civ 6, I have enabled the same but I am not able to use the same.

Can we please get update for game pass. Thank you


Please update for game pass


Please update for this game

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Yes, please do update for Game Pass version


Game Pass version please.


Please. Update the game!

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Mod not working properly when using unlimited movement game is crushing after 2-5 minutes

i’m also crashing or freezing when i try to use the game with cheats on

unlimited movement sometimes works… previously i can create a brand new unit and move them immediately; for builders i could run them around the map while converting tiles but now when they use an action they lose all movement ability… same with units and promotion.
some units will stop moving when they cross water or come near enemy units

unlimited resources does not give resources anymore

gold, faith, envoy, god mode… appear to still be working
fast research, culture, recruiting, construction, project all seem to be working as well (takes 1 turn)
min pop 10 - also seems to work

i’ve never used nuclear weapons, so, i don’t know if those work

i’m not sure if this is related but i keep losing my sound when using the wemode launcher… there is always sound when it shows the beginning movie/credits (where it shows all the logos) but no sound for the initial movie and sometimes the game freezes immediately when attempting to load in - showing a blank screen instead.

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Update please for Leader pass - Great Builders, Thank you and keep up the good work!

não funcionar

yeahh these need an update asap, game keeps crashing. Ofc take your time but when possible, please do update it to stop possible fu
ture crashes