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Skyrim Mod Tool v2.5


I tried this tool but it didnt work for me and hexing is simple.


I’m not sure if it’s just me but when i did my save & Added the amount of gold i wanted. When i did that tho there was no change i still had the same amount of gold from before?


Updated to v1.3


pre or post patch?


works on all saves


keeps popping up with an unexpected error when i go to open the savedata


Do you have 1500 gold in a barrel


yes the one in front of riverwood blacksmith

how do i post my gamesave?


Upload it to , then ill download and mod it for you.


Save 155 - Aiden Skyrim 02.55.54.exs


any luck?


Yea Buddy, 999,999,999 Gold


I am Currently having an issue with the v1.4 saying my savegame.dat destination array is not long enough so it will not work for me Any suggestions


Im Kinda new to this tho so idk if it comes out prop or not because instead of getting where saves what number it just comes out as autosave2.exe




I also use the Gold in Barrel Hex Edit, as pointer to edit the next item Value , could you included a Database of Iten Hex Strings to Find and edit these Item values too .
Would be most Helpful Aldo :smile:

i dont know if it can be done throught this but its all i get when i extract


Awsome work mate :thumbsup:KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK:thumbsup:


Me 2 - v1.4 for me says “using evaluation version of smart assembly & cannot be distributed” file package will not load and then prog closes. :anguished:


Im not new to modding, but I followed the tut to the T and my money didn’t mod. I extracted the savedata from the actual save. Then opened it up in the mod tool and put 10,000 gold. I then injected the the savedata back into the actual save and then I rehashed and resigned the save.

I tried adding just 1500 gold to a barrel and then I tried adding all my gold and neither worked.

For some reason though when I opened the savedata in the tool it would already have a another number in the spot were you would add how much gold you wanted.

I also made sure not to have anything else in the barrel except for the gold.

Any clues why its not working. I mean the save loads up, but I just have the same gold I started with.