Sniper Elite 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Can i use in Coop? or maybe private multiplayer room? with my friend , use lightly not heavily

i am running 64 bit sometimes and other times I’m running 32 bit and the mods never want to work for me they always want to run the other version like if i use 64 bit for example it will want to use the 32 bit and vice versa

I mean, if there’s no anticheat and your friend is okay with it, technically you could, but I’d avoid doing that if I were you. Fairly certain it’ll end poorly, most games have anticheat for multiplayer, even co-op.

I have Found this Does work

I have Found that the unlimited Health can sometimes not always work

These cheats for this game have been out since 2017 and wemod still causes the game to crash for no reason really?

When launching the game I just get an empty skybox.
Game works fine outside WeMod.

Launch the game through Steam first then activate the trainer while in the main menu. I had the same issue and doing this worked.

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Well the suggestion to launch from steam, then hit the play on Wemod, is all well and good, except it does not work. Alt/tab will take you to Wemod, however it will not take you back to the game. So some 30 minutes later, restarting the game, etc, etc, etc, you will accidently hit the right combination and it will work, however if you enter any menu the game will crash.

So after trying this and that and some of that, the solution that works for me is Number One, on the launch option of the game make sure that DX12 is unclicked. Now go to the Binary files of the game and delete the DX12 launcher entirely.
Now at lest for me with a fancy modern gaming PC and 3080 ti and supped up processor, all I have to do is simply launch the game from Wemod and it runs flawlessly. If you leave DX 12 launcher in the binary file the game keeps conflicting with itself jumping back and forth and not working and or crashing.
So works for me, delete the DX12 launcher in the binary file and enjoy.

Supposedly there is no 32-bit cheat version of Sniper Elite 4, as for some reason, when I try to run Sniper Elite 4 on my PC via steam, it tells me that the cheats are ONLY for the 64-bit version. Am I running the wrong Sniper Elite 4 EXE file, or is there really no Sniper Elite 4 32-bit cheat version?

I have the DX11 version but its 32 bit and not working

I got the same issue. i run the DX11 version and it doesn’t let me run the trainer. keeps telling me about the 32/64 bit issue