Thats me: BlackW0lf

Hello everyone.

I am BlackW0lf from Germany and a PC Gamer.
Some day i searched for cheats for GTA V single-player on google and found this Site here. I downloaded the app and never really looked at the community behind that.
But now i got some login Problems and after my problem was resolved, I decided to visit this page more often. :laughing:

One of my hobbies is to experiment with and modify scripts and try to create some.
I have modified some addons for World of Warcraft or plugins and mods for Minecraft, but i have only a slight knowledge about modding games by myself.
And to tell you a not computer based hobby:
I like to paint. With canvas and everything. :sweat_smile:

At the moment, the most of the time i play World of Warcraft.
But sometimes i need to play something else, like Satisfactory, Valheim or Stardew Valley.

I am not the type who is talking much, but if i see someone with a problem, i like to at least try to help.

If you have any question, than feel free to ask.


Hello and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Glad that you found us. It’s nice having you here.

Are we allowed to see some of your art? I’m not an artist myself (other than being an author), but I like looking at awesome visual things people make.

Don’t forget to regularly check out the giveaways section of the community for free games.
And the general section for fun discussions. For example: Recommend A Game.

Have an awesome day!

Thank you for the nice welcome.

My paintings are not spacial, more simple and I use tools for creating my lines, because my line art is really bad and i am still try to learn it.

But I’m going to share one of my paintings here because you asked so nicely.


Everyone has to start somewhere. :man_shrugging:
Even the greats like Da Vinci and Van Gogh probably started out with rough doodles and stick figures (I’m just guessing here). :laughing:

I like that painting, actually. Particularly because it isn’t cluttered like a lot of paintings are - minimalism is my thing. 10/10 for that one. :smiley:

Hiya and welcome. have a good one.

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