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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


animals hoof it when i move around they still hear me


Ammo works nothing els. Cant use silent or no reload i turn on and it will insta turn off


Heh. How do you have freeze animals option?


for me everything except freeze, silent, health and no reload works


Use the new trainer.


Ok i got unlimited ammo perk skills no reload. Money doesnt work.


Use the new one that have only 8 options not 10


Oh crap! I didn’t realize the mods were listed oldest to newest. I was thinking the newer version would be at the top (not paying especially good attention to month names). Do you know the particular reason for this order?


useing 8 opt money working but how lvl up should work ?


I am curious on this, too. The rest work for me now that I am using the right cheat version lol.


i found a whole cheat engine table that has alot of options inluding all animals always calm basically invisible to them @STN if u want i would love them to be turned into a trainer :slight_smile:


That would be stealing that guys work. Not something STN is keen to do.


You have no idea the things i would be called. Someone confused me with someone else a few years back and said crap about me that i can never forget.

Was a good thing cause i found out what he thought of me :smiley:

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Can you explain how this lvl up should work?


Enable it then switch between skills, perks and other tabs to see it take effect


is there gonna be a 0 visibility setting

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The silent mod has stopped working since the recent game update.

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Is it possible to get a wallhack/esp hack that shows the location of animals?


Hi all, I am new to this application. All I want to understand is how does the Level Up cheat work? Without knowing how it works I cannot determine if it’s malfunctioning. I appreciate your help in advance.


Enable it then switch between skills, perks ,and other tabs to see it take effect
( strait from stn ) 5 comments above !!

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