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They Are Billions Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Because I updated it a week ago and game broke it again. Do you guys know about version guard?


I have version guard on, but it seems it’s still broken. Gold and oil are the only ones that aren’t effected, it seems whenever it breaks this always happens. It’s still playable like this, but you gotta manage your gold and oil now XD


Did you hover over it?


Yes, this is what the res pile looks like in the game I’m playing right now
This is what the WeMod app looks like


i agree, with this, all the mods use to work with me but, since the games updated now only my wood stock gets the increase and nothing else


Yeah, now it’s completely broken until it’s fixed. Could take a while… in the mean time though, custom maps!


It’s like you guys close your eyes when posting. Right above your posts it mentions that i updated this game a few days ago.


And now it’s broken again. Here is literal recorded evidence of it happening, recorded at 1:19am, 1/12/18. I activate all the cheats, like in the previous screenshot, at around the one minute mark.
If you still don’t believe me, then I can literally do a screenshare with you or stream it live so you can see with absolute proof.


The only thing that works is the wood for a minute and then it crashes.


Why will i not believe you? I know this game is a pile of stinking ■■■■ and needs to be updated every breathing second.

I was simply referring to my post where i said i updated this trainer past week so it will be a while before i do it again since nobody uses version guard and this isn’t the only game in wemod.


You literally said you don’t believe me, but acknowledge it’s broken and believe me in the same post. Which one is it?
You also said you updated it a week ago, and therefore it must be working… But it’s evidently not. It’s almost like you’re intentionally being hypocritical about this.
As for “there are other games you know” the hells that kinda response? Are you trying to piss people off like Blizzard did recently with that poor excuse of a reply? “Do you guys not have phones?” that’s the kinda reply you just gave.

If you can’t accept the fact it’s broken, and we’ve acknowledged it’s broken, then you should do your own research instead of having people like me go out of our way to prove you wrong.


If you enable version guard it will still work. Like he is saying the stupid game devs update the game like once a week. So he saying if he updates agian it will be broke in like 5 days
I can see @stn locking this again till the game updates settle down


Then you best lock it then, because regardless of having version guard turned on or not, the same thing happens.


Did you enable versionguard for this trainer? Just enabling it from settings isn’t enough, you need to enable it for individual trainers


Yes, and this is what the screen looks like. It’s what it’s always looked like whenever this stuff happens. I’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled WeMod just to make sure it wasn’t a glitch with activation. I’ve even reinstalled the game as well.

So unless somehow, in some way that hasn’t been written down in any guide I’ve read over the last 2 weeks, I and many others are doing it wrong, then it’s broken.


Select the older version. Why are you selecting the dec 3rd version?.

Version guard will capture snapshots and you can select which one you want.

@frank maybe some sort of explanation or pop ups explaining how to use VG should be added? This is an easy thing to overlook and misunderstand.


This is the only snapshot below the Dec 3rd… And as you can see, not working. There are no other snapshots, because guides and help posts told me to A: Uninstall. B: Reinstall. or C: Delete snapshots.

Like this one right here


Well then you might not have enabled it right after i updated my trainer. It’s useless now as I’ll have to update my trainer again.


The They Are Billions cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Please enable Version Guard.