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They Are Billions Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Ok, sorry to bug you and thanks for the reply. I’ll keep trying. I really do love infinity and you seem to make all the cheats I like so thanks for the had work


i love this kind of cheat :slight_smile:


i have activate the cheat but it won’t work in the game ~~ any one could help me with this ??


All of the cheats doesn’t work. :frowning: Update please. Thank you for your hard work! :))


The game updates constantly each and every day. This makes updating the trainer very hard to do. I would also recommend reading the entire thread as it contains a lot of useful information that could possibly answer your questions. STN has a life, they can’t constantly update this trainer 24/7. Wait until the game is in alpha, the trainer should most likely work steadily from there on out (with the occasional big update from the devs).


hey so not sure if its me I read entire thread so may just be out of whack but this Is first time using infinity and none of the hotkeys are switching the off buttons to on and neither will physically clicking on the off button on advice on how to use infinity/this trainer would be much appreciated it was doing the same thing for any game i clicked on as well couldn’t switch anything from off to on


You have to press play first and wait until a checkmark appears


where will the check appear in game or on infinity??


Infinity next to Play


The unlimited worker, food and power supply cheats don’t work. Any help I can get???


thank you making progress got them all to show as on now I messed up a couple of the toggle buttons just getting to this point that wont go back, but not a big deal I’m just wondering how I activate when theyre on to show in game or if this trainer is just currently not working so I can avoid wasting any more time. Thanks!


Game gets updates everyday several times a day. I will push updates once or twice every week.


soooo not currently up? just trying to figure out if I’m doin something wrong


I don’t know. Test it for yourself.


I’m not upset if its not just asking if somebody knew … sheesh


You know you could test it for yourself? Definitely faster than asking someone else and waiting for their response.

My guess is it is still working or someone would’ve told us so.


It’s possible to have Instant Veteran in the trainer?


I wouldn’t be asking if I was tech savvy my friend. Not sure what your trying to accomplish in responding in that manner, no hard feelings pal.


It looks like the energy, workers, and food cheat are working but the resources aren’t atleast for me.


Nvm my mistake. The resources changed to maxed a couple minutes later.