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They Are Billions Cheats and Trainer for Steam


For me resources won’t work for me but unlimited power worker etc. working fine :slight_smile:


Is it possible to add fast Research/Build and Recruit ?


Its rlly good idea :slight_smile:


V.0.6.0 is out.


Same here


could you add fast build units and or maybe not needing production capacity to train some units


I think the developer no longer cares about his trainer, but I’m not sure :confused:


I do care but the game devs update this game too frequently that my updated trainer doesn’t last long. I am waiting for the game dev to calm down


He hasn’t updated in a few days.


It will be sometime in the spring, which means that by then the trainer will work either half or not at all :frowning:


It’s been updated again. This dev is annoying.


Extremely. I was considering updating hoping he had calmed down but i don’t think so.


Hello what is that he(she,it) would be possible to have unlimited life of the units as building(ship)


She @STN could probably make that happen.


@MrPrecise thats not nice . IT @STN could probably make that happen


He is not going to make it happen


are the cheats currently working?




I think but not all.


do i need to play in offline mode?