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They Are Billions Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Read trainer notes


sorry for the late response, my computer died for a while. I was actually wondering what trainer notes are, as I’m kind of new to this whole “modding” thing.


Hover over the gold resource to see it take effect.


I’ve had some issues with unlimited worker,energy,food supply cheat.My game is torrented, but it worked before the update.


Get steam version. I updated the trainer for latest version.




unlimited worker still not working


Get steam version


best game in the last years §§ one day co-op multiplyer will be great


not sure if it’s because the 0.7 update is recent or something but the trainer isn’t working

edit: never mind, I’m dumb, but’s still glitching out


v. 64 bits
activate the tricks. then for the missing resources (having activated these tricks) use the cheat engine, 4bytes.

bye :sunglasses:


How do I activate these?
I would really like to know.


Hover over the gold resource. Doing this is harder than whatever the guy above him^ posted?


Thanks, it’s a little annoying since it last for a short amount of time, is there a possibility to fix this?


Hover again? You can increase your storage to increase the amount it will reset to.


I sound dumb i know. but what the hell is the gold resource. i hovered over the entire screen. i even hovered over my cat. everything work except gold and stone and oil wood and iron


Is the cheat even active (blue)?


yes all of them. it works for other people. i think i m doing something wrong. i just need a bit of a push to beat brutal


Oh. Then see the gold icon on the right at bottom. After cheat is active, hover over it ?


I can see you make the command center pump out +9999 for workers, food, and power cheats. I would suggest adding that to sawmills and other productions buildings for wood, gold, stone, and iron buildings. Maybe also add a Storage hack on the command center to be capped out as well. Other that this, its relatively easy to manage when the hacks work, and its fun roaming with hundreds of archers. Top notch.