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They Are Billions Cheats and Trainer for Steam


i did. ddnt work. the other cheats go to 9999. except for gold stone iron and wood


hey there great trainer so far but still cant get the resource cheats. doesn’t matter how much I hover over the gold resource icon. I can get power, workers, food ect. just not actual resources. is there a particular knack to it or is it a bit buggy? great work so far though :slight_smile:


Properly cause the game had an update after i updated the trainer. I give up on this game until version guard. It’s updating too frequently,


fair enough lol


yep seems like every time i look there is a update to the game , but then its early access still rite ?


No not always. They are Billions is not in beta anymore. It’s the full game. I honistly can not figure out why they update the game like so as when they update it, it’s 4 to 8 times a day.


Its not the full game yet , it’s only V 0.8.1 . ( as of today ) It’s no where near done .
Only survival maps running now .They still don’t even have single player campaigns made yet .
They were ‘persuaded’ to release to early access because of how many people hounded them to be in the beta . It worked. they chose early access on steam .
As they add and flesh-out the game, it’s gonna have loads of updates especially being a custom built engine .

They did a (realy early) early access before they intended to originally. Just due to the sheer demand at the time exceeding the beta keys they had allotted from steam .
I think you can still read the backers vlog and dev vlog . I have not looked in a while .

So far as i can tell everything is hard coded into exe , they dont seem to have scripts for unit values , so as they balance the units , each change set becomes a update to exe vs just a script . if it was the latter the updates would not break trainers so fast


When you get back to updating this trainer will there be a way to implement an instant recruiting?


The They Are Billions cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Resources aren’t working.


Yes they are. Read trainer notes


It says, no supported trainers available?


Resources aren’t working :disappointed_relieved:


Yes they’re. Read the trainer notes. Also wait a million minutes for them to activate. I don’t know why but this game is so fuckin slow and takes forever to scan and activate.

If you guys didn’t have version guard enabled and game updated after my update, stop tagging me. It’s not my fault.


Where are the trainer notes? I don’t see anything for it in Infinity, and nothing on the browser either.



you are doing all that you can and know that it makes a sad gamers smile


I have version guard enabled and for some reason as of the 17th of may the unlimited resources do not work. not sure why


Does the cheat toggles on? Have you hovered over gold resource?


Yes. I was using the cheats before and they worked fine. I use the quick keys to toggle the cheats off and on. even alt tab to turn them on and still nothing.

its only the resources, the power and people work fine.