Total War: Warhammer III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

What’s the Defense Multiplier cheat?

Save File was 12 MB but Forum uploader told me 48 MB was too big:

Unlimited Health(In Battle): Not working – possibly giving to enemy? For sure not affecting player units. Defense Multi = temp workaround

Max Morale: Affects BOTH Player & Enemy Units. OVERIDES ‘DRAIN AI MORALE’ for Enemy army!

Unlimited Ammo: Affects BOTH Player & Enemy Units. OVERIDES ‘DRAIN AI AMMO’ for Enemy Army!

Spell Cheats: Affects Enemy AI & Player

Defense Multi: SEMI-Works except cases of heavy Arrow Damage

Empty Enemy Ammo: Ammo DOES drain, but is REFILLED with ‘Unlimited Ammo’ No way for Player to have ammo, and enemy to be out of ammo.

Empty Enemy Morale: Affects BOTH Player & AI. ‘Max Morale’ will override this for AI but NOT Player.

Damage Multi: Causes UNBREAKABLE units to have a single immortal entity, can be killed by arrow or spell though. Damage also doesn’t persist AFTER battle. Survived entities heal to near full HP when going back to overworld.