Total War: Warhammer III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

god mode still doesn’t work


works great for me. Might be an addon or something on your end.

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Thank you so much for this trainer. You have done an Amazing job really appreciate it.

Just wanted to also put in an ask, would we be able to get edit or max influence as well as no tiredness and unlimited spells and special attacks such as dragon fire or the counted stuff?

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The Unlimited magic winds and instant spells cooldown also works for the AI enemy

Can you fix it please


Please update based on recconmendations

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Is this mod dead? It hasn’t been updated since August … OK, September.

While we’re on the subject of updating, I don’t see an option to increase Tomb King Canopic Jars? Can we have one please?


dose the cheats work in mulitplayer or does it desync when i boot up?

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Wemod trainers are made for single players, not multiplayers. Wemod has been clear on this stance since the beginning.

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so it is meant to desync?

also i need to be pro for everything? i thought so stuff was free like it said

All trainers are free, sure. As for the desync issue, that sounds like something on the game’s end. More and more game devs are putting up some kind of anti-cheat, to prevent trainers (such as wemod) from being used online. Nothing to do with the wemod devs on this one. I have no problem using this trainer for single-player games.

I think that this game was accidentally removed from the “needs updating” queue. There was a large patch 2 days ago.
I’ve tested it, most of the current mods don’t do anything.