Watch dogs 2

UPDATE 2:unlimited health and unlimited battery are “broken” and i have reported it the rest are fine
UPDATE:yeah they are just flat out broken i tried shooting someone with unlimted health on they did not die turned it off try again and they died
ive disabled easy anti cheat but the mods are broken/bugged for example clicking no reload and unlimited ammo does give you it but you cant actually kill anyone the same kind of thing happens with unlimited battery where the gangs dont kill people/police dont arrest
and its not cause im playing a pirated version i have the game
also note it cant start from ubisoft i have to click play on ubisoft then click play on wemod

Hello! :slight_smile:

The NPC health issue is known and has been mentioned several times in the trainer’s official forum threads:

The issue is that the game developers have programmed the player’s health and the NPCs health to use the same memory address. There’s nothing WeMod can do about this.

As the official thread advises, only turn the cheat on then off again when you need it (ie, you’re low on health).

Put further discussion in the official thread for the store you have the game from, please and thank you. :slight_smile: