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Wemod "We are having trouble downloading cheats"

I’ve been having difficulty using Wemod since the day after I installed it. It wont download cheats for any games that the mod supports. I’ve attempted to reinstall it, and to whitelist it in Windows Defender, and restarted my machine both times. I’m honestly unsure of what to do at this point and would appreciate some help.

Antivirus blocking it (if you got anything besides Win defender)
Your firewall blocking it (most likely)

I only use Defender, and I already have it white-listed in the firewall. (Public and Private)

If it’s failing to download the cheats, something is indeed blocking it. The only other thing I would try is uninstalling and re-installing and testing again :slightly_smiling_face:

Same thing. I did a clean uninstall and Reinstall. Same thing keeps happening.

I even uninstalled, turned off WD Firewall and reinstalled Wemod. Same issues.

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Here try this one for shits and giggles cant hurt

Same thing. I even wen’t and downloaded all of the trainers and all. :confused: I don’t even know anymore. It worked day one.

I’m just gonna switch back to CE. Thanks for the help all

What you mean you went and downloaded all the trainers ?
The trainers are in the app ?

I re-downloaded the trainers from the site to see if it may have been an issue.

We don’t know what else to tell you. it’s something on your end.
You have something activated that blocks the download. Or you don’t have the permissions on your computer/Network to download stuff

I don’t know bud. Like I said, It worked Day 1. Played all of my games with it. Worked wonderfully. My account is the Administrator and this is my Wi-Fi. I don’t have any anti-virus other than WD Firewall, and I’ve even turned it off, restarted the computer and tried again. It’s definitely something my end, I wasn’t insinuating otherwise. I’ve just definitely tried everything I can, so I don’t know what to do now. But It’s fine, you guys can lock this off. I’ve seen STN on Fearless and trust his CT and trainers from there so I’ll stick with CE. I really love WM and think it’s a wonderful idea. Here’s to trying this on my other computer later!

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I can’t make it out I have over 300 Wemod points and I have the cheat it used to work fine but now it states it is no works longer for my Steam so vote with more money. Not being pulled into that con, I will just have to cancel the monthly paymants.

WePoints are earned by completing objectives. You can purchase WePoints if you want the update to be funded quicker but you are not required to buy them.

What dont work wemod ? Or is it a game that dont work ??

I hadn’t tried the app in a few weeks, and It works now XD I haven’t done anything different, but I’m just happy it finally sorted itself out.

Lotta times just turning off pc and turning back on helps out

Im having the same issue. I whitelisted the app on my anti virus, redownloaded the exe, turned my pc on and off. I run on Win 10 Pro if that helps


  • What trainer are you having this issue with?
  • Is your game up to date?
  • Is your copy of the game legitimately bought or cracked (cracked copies will have issues with trainers. There’s no fix other than buying the legit version).

If your game is up to date and legit then this issue is most likely caused by an antivirus program. Simply whitelisting WeMod after your AV had intercepted and deleted something won’t resolve it because whitelisting doesn’t un-delete the file(s) your AV deleted.

  1. Remove WeMod from your computer if you haven’t already, using the Add Or Remove Programs tool, which comes with all Windows PCs (use the search feature in the Start menu to find it).
  2. Turn off your antivirus software. Even if it’s the default Windows Defender.
  3. Download the installer from and install the software.
  4. Add WeMod as an exception in your antivirus before you launch it.

If you have either of these, there are additional steps:

  • Comcast / Xfinity - click for instructions.
  • BitDefender - click for instructions .
  • A school/college/university internet connection - use a VPN, there is an extra antivirus program on the school network that you have no control over.
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