WWE 2K22 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

We’re not allowed to share links for cheat tables here, you’ll have to use google, will be easy to find.

Do you have discord because its not easy to find what so ever


I am guessing you lied because I have checked everywhere and the only tables provided are for version 1.06 and under

Not true, next time look around the last pages for updated table.

Legit just tell me the name to search up because nothing recent pops up when you search it :confused:

Are you using any of the DLC at all?

yes I have all of them because I purchased the nWo 4 life edition

Is this going to be updated so it can work?

The testers are unable to reproduce any issues so at this time the trainer will not be updated. If they are not able to reproduce the issue it is not possible to fix it.

That sucks I guess we wont have a working trainer then :c rip I guess I will keep searching for a substitute

Im having the same issue, trainer still wont work. Tried things like unlimited health and weak enemies, neither of them do anything

patch/update 1.12 is now live only two cheats will work in the trainer. Unlimited budget and Attribute Points.
nothing else will toggle. please be patient everyone! just a heads up. that trainer isn’t fully functional!

Here’s hoping for some extra content for the upcoming update for the trainer.

As someone who is trying to grind MyFaction, the ability to make everyone freeze would be great, or at the very least, not allow the AIs to counter at all.

I believe someone has mentioned previously in this thread - this trainer is a little lacking in terms of options. There could be an option to maximize your wrestlers’ popularity in MyGM on top of having max money.

But these are just suggestions (freeze AIs, not allowing them to counter, max popularity in MyGM). Here’s hoping for a much more updated trainer with more options.

As always, thanks for the hard work guys.