Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

Try adding more damage your crew does. That way the enemy ships will get hurt a lot faster.

out of curiosity why isnt there a way to increase orichalum ore?

My game is working, but it cannot find any save games. IF I log off, and log back in, New Game is the only option. How do I fix this?

Welcome to the community @zynaal. :slight_smile:

If you are enquiring whether WeMod offers any modded saves - we do not.
We offer trainers, or cheats, which you activate by pressing the relevant hotkey on your keyboard while a game is running.

If you are enquiring about your previous saves in the game going missing - this is an issue with the game which has been reported several times and has nothing to do with WeMod. You’ll find a lot of troubleshooting threads on Steam, Reddit and so on regarding this issue on Google. You could try those.

Bro could you make this but for the uplay plus version, please? thanks

Hello and Welcome to WeMod, there is a trainer for the Uplay+ (Now, “Ubisoft+”) that you can find HERE or here:

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I understand but that trainer doesnt have the same amount of cheats and how specific they are on this one

Ah yes i see that now.

SunBeam is no longer working with the WeMod team to create trainers for the WeMod launcher so SunBeam won’t be creating any new AC:O Ubisoft+ trainers atm.

The trainer thats been made for Ubisoft+ is made by MrAntiFun and he is creating new trainers all the time and maybe ubdating old trianers if there is enough votes for a trainer.

I would recommend you head over to the thread i linked before and write there as then the WeMod staff can see that people would like some improvments to that trainer.

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okay thanks

Ok so I know I mentioned about the teleportation not working. I’m assuming that after the long time gap of no response that this issue is being ignored? I hope it isn’t because I really love using wemod with games. So hopefully this issues gets resolved. Thanks.

Another trainer I used has working teleportation if the one on WeMod has stopped working for you. The trainers is at Hope it works for you :smiley:

The teleport is also not working for me

It’s kind of ironic tho too because literally everything for the AC: Odyssey trainer works perfect - except for the teleportation option as it is malfunctioning. I understand the moderators are busy with making trainers for other games and updating the pre-existing ones, but I hope they don’t forget this great game.

I having issue of using “Teleporter”. My Character will be teleported randomly to middle of the ocean instead to the Waypoint I had set. It was working well before for me BUT now it’s just bugged out somehow.

are this trainer still working fine 100% with the newest update of uplay version ?

Yeah all seems to work perfectly except the teleportation

I’m having some weird issue, I used the teleporter to teleport to multiple places, however when i save the game and load it again, I always get teleported to a locked room inside a fort, the door for the room is closed and can;t do anything to leave it apart from using the teleporter again, any one encountering this issue?

good evening, in the trainers of assassin s creed odyssey, is there a chance to level up quickly and have all the infinite materials to improve the equipment? thanks

I increased my ability poinys by wemod

But I couldn’t get any ability points by wemod after I restarted the game

How can I increase ability points again by wemod

I have this weird problem when I use the trainer. Every 3-7 second intervals my game stutters and has a massive frame drop. When I play without the trainer it works just fine.

I used the trainer yesterday and it worked just fine before the game crashed while using the trainer. I may have done something wrong though, I’m not sure.