ELDEN RING Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Every time I hit play to load the code, it keeps telling me that there is an error immediately after I attempt it. I was assuming it was an outdated code thing that was the issue but after looking around it seems like it’s not. Can anyone help me figure out the issue?

NVM I’m incapable of following instructions correctly.

do you have to go offline on steam?

You will get flagged with the popup whether you are offline or online on steam. Elden Ring will not let you online when using mods without a workaround either

Actually you are saying something stupid. FromSoftware will not allows you to connect on their servers with a modded GAME, this is a fact, but you can go online with a modded SAVE without the mod activated. Elden Ring only tries to connect on FromSoftware servers at the main menu of the game, if you log in to the game, into your SAVE, START PLAYING and than turn Steam on, the server will be still disconnected but your STEAM will goes online.
The matter with Steam ON or OFF too is about the time the achievements will pop-up. If you are online on Steam, the achievement will pop-up in the exact time you got it. If you are offline on Steam, the achievement will only pop-up when you turn on Steam again (resulting in all achievements registered at the same time)!!

Only turn on steam when you are “in” the game, never in the main menu. Never return to the main menu with a modded game (opened through WeMod), just quit to windows and re-open it (through Steam) if you want to play online with your character.

My achievements:

I’m not able to turn on the mods. I’ve done everything that was suggested except for “steam_appid.txt” because I can’t seem to find it. I don’t have a cracked game. I was wondering if me starting the character “online” would effect it at all.

Elden rings new patched 1.08.1 wemod not workiing.

For me is working.

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Make sure you are following the instructions in the trainer correctly.

  1. Go to the folder where the game is installed on your PC. By default this is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GAME NAME. You should see the game’s .exe in there.

  2. Right-click a blank space in the folder. Choose “New”, then “Text Document”.

  3. Write 1245620 inside the text document.

  4. Save it with the name steam_appid.

  5. Launch the game through the game’s .exe, which is called eldenring.exe.

  6. Load your game. And only after the game has finished loading, press Alt and tab on yor keyboard together to switch to WeMod, then press the Play button. Then press the same keys again to switch back to the game.

So where are the saves for this trainer, I am doing Seamless Co-op with my buddies and want to skip Godskin Duo, both of these seem to use different saves so how can I tell which is which?

Is it possible to remove crafting and upgrade requirements? I know I’ve seen you guys do it in Remnant: From The Ashes and it was so nice to have.

I open wemod and elden ring and when i click play it doesn’t work. Says it can’t load mods into game, I’ve tried offline mode then online mode and still nothing

Can you do a custom exe, i want to use the ModEngine which is needed if you want to play with mods so EAC is disabled by default does the trainer still works if i use this exe ?

So here’s my question, say I wanna get on elden ring offline and modify my character. I change my stats, add runes, weapons, cloths, items, I play the game in godmode. Then I want to take that same character online without mods active. Would I get banned.

Other method, use just god mode, no stats, items, runes. Just play in god mode online and off, would I get banned.

Last method, item, stats, and runes cheated. Then back online with deactivated cheats. Ban?

Each method having the same outcome of taking the character online to play with friends.

If you use unlimited items, change your stats, or give yourself runes, I know you’ll be banned. Even if you go offline first. My understanding could be wrong, but basically when you go online the server can see that you shouldn’t have those items or stats. (To be safe, I unlinked all buttons that could get me banned, like stat changes. Left click on the mod hotkey and hit “Delete”)

If you use ANY mods, make sure your game is set to Offline (through the game settings; Steam’s offline mode doesn’t matter). Once you’re done cheating or want to play with friends, close Wemod, change the setting to Online mode, and restart the game.

God Mode shouldn’t be an issue, since it just freezes your health. Same with Unlimited FP and Unlimited Stamina. Rune multiplier works just great. You can get up to 16x runes and it stacks up quick, just play the game for two minutes and you’ll be set. Damage multiplier is the same thing; works great and you won’t get banned using it. 100% Drop Rate and Zero Weight should be fine to use.
Any mods I haven’t mentioned, I haven’t used and would steer clear just to be safe if you’re avoiding being banned.

Again, these mods are ok to use in Elden Ring’s “Offline” mode. I haven’t tried using anything in “Online” mode and I’m sure the game picks up Wemod’s presence when online.

possible to do randomizer mod here?

Looks like 100% drop rate is not working for me. Everything else seems fine

What are you killing? For me is working.

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Found the issue - the 100% drop rate cheat does not work, if my character has the silver scarab equipped. Still had it on from a “clean” farming attempt lol. Works perfect now.