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So, can we get a cheat in the next update or so that would allow for unlimited special ability meter and gunsmith materials like “Elite Weapon Parts”, “Sniper Parts”, etc.?



  • Rename GRB_BE.exe in main game directory to GRB_BE.exe.bak
  • Place the Battleye Bypass launcher into the main game directory

GRB_BE (212.1 KB)


The Ghost Recon Breakpoint cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 17 cheats

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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Gunsmith materials shouldn’t be a problem, since you can just buy guns in the shop and dismantle them for their components. However, I think unlimited skill gauge would be a really nice feature for all kinds of fun gameplay, and I’m definitely going to vote for that.

Thank you

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The game crashes a lot when the trainer is activated after the game updated to TU 3.0, not sure if it’s related to some specific feature or just the trainer/bypass itself. Yeah the vanilla game itself crashes from time to time because ubisoft, but when the trainer is used, it definitely happens a lot more frequently, like twice each hour or so.

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Ive done all that was said to do and the game doesnt open.


When i click start, the ubi launcher starts and tells “sync save with cloud” and then it stops directly.

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same here not sure what to do

Make sure you run as admin

It does not work, I ran as adm, I put the BYpass but always the error

Guys the bypass GR_BE you download here when wemod ask first installation location add that one then press play.

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Ok i made steps hope it helps.


Still nothing, uninstalled game, reinstalled, repeated steps, Screenshot (12) tried ALL the GRB files accept the top 2 and bottom 2, had no luck

That is strange because i had the same problems then i tried that and now every time it works for me sorry man and good luck.

Double click the “GRB_BE”, not the “GRB_BE.exe”, because your system is not configed to show the filename extension (which is “.exe” for these files), so the actual file name for the “GRB_BE.exe” in your screenshot is “GRB_BE.exe.exe”, which is obvisiously incorrect.
Personallly I would suggest not hiding the filename extension, since it can be very inconsistence in some cases, just like what you are doing right now.
By the way, this is how your game folder should look like if you still haven’t turned on filename extensions:

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From what I understood you have to use this cheat offline or something. How exactly does that work?

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By following the instructions right at the top of the thread here: Ghost Recon Breakpoint (Vulkan) Cheats and Trainer for Uplay.

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