WeMod 6 is HERE

WeMod 6 is released!

With awesome changes and additions.

The focus of this update is mainly on trainer compatibility. We made it easier to see which of your games have compatible trainers.

Real-life screenshot:

Sidebar Groups

The games in the sidebar are now grouped into 4 categories:

  • Compatible Games - Installed games that WeMod has a compatible trainer for.

  • Maybe Compatible Games - Installed games that WeMod MAY have a compatible trainer for. Meaning the compatibility of your game version is not confirmed yet.

  • Incompatible Games - Installed games that are confirmed incompatible with WeMod trainers.

  • Not Installed - Every other game WeMod supports that you don’t have installed.

This is an improvement to the old sidebar which only grouped games by Installed and Not Installed :ok_hand:

Improved Trainer List

Instead of showing a trainer for every compatible game version - like ARK having 500 trainers :roll_eyes: - only one trainer per creator is shown.

So, if @STN has 500 trainers for ARK’s never-ending updates, you’ll only see one button with a compatibility badge indicating if any of those trainers are compatible with the game version you have installed. Clicking on it will open the latest compatible trainer :tada:

Improved Games Tab

The old game feed was horizontal, which is annoying to scroll through. Now it’s vertical. Scroll wheels rejoice! It also shows trainers that are being worked on. Yes, we’re actually working on games.

Trainer Page Updates

Users expressed that the games list was wasting valuable space when playing a trainer, so we removed it from that page. We also moved the trainer notes to a new right-side sidebar.

View Your Trainer Requests

The games list on the Requests tab now shows your trainer request history :slight_smile:

Offline Mode

After 4 years of half-assed offline support, full-assed offline support has surfaced! When the app detects you’re offline, it will only show games in the sidebar that you’ve played in the past - games that have trainers available locally.


We thought it wasn’t possible, but WeMod 6 is much snappier than WeMod 5. Navigating between games is instant.

Other Additions

  • Toggle favorite games right from the sidebar
  • Are we missing something? :thinking:

We’d like to thank all of you who tested this update in the Beta channel. Your feedback and support are greatly appreciated! :heart:


This update put some games I have installed into the not installed category and even when I manually fix they won’t launch.


That probably means the trainers we have can’t function with your game version at all because the expected EXE file can’t be found. Which games did this?


I understand that but also you got it updated with a category Maybe Comaptible and they do require an update with the EXE version but X4 foundations and ghost recon wildlands is two of the games I have listed as not installed when I manually fix they will not launch. I’ve tested disabling my antivirus and other things to be sure nothing is blocking it from possibly working but I never had to disable anything before this update.

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What platform are the games from(steam, ubisoft, origin, etc.)?

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Steam mainly is the games I got but it has a multitude of games in the not installed section like Far Cry series of games I played with it before the update and many other titles. I do have like 230+ games on steam I hate to mention to get a point out that wemod changed and other people are already posting what I’m saying about here.

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I am Having similar issues with most of my steam games this includes darkest dungeon,crusader kings 2,xcom,disgea,farcry new dawn among quite a few others basically if its on steam it wont find the exe and wont let me do it manually


Not sure why only some people are having problems all my far cry are showing and played new dawn this morning gotta be some kinda silly simple solution

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id check the steam redistrubitables files cause i had to manually go in there and uninstall alot of Valve Bs that prevented the use of trainers.

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Good JOB bRRRRRo !

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The only thing that needs to be added is on dying light you need to be able to give other people EXP and survivor points. But everything else is amazing y’all are doing great keep up the great work!!

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Giving others exp and points would mean that you’re using it online for which wemod is not meant for.
So that option won’t be added

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There was a button next to the Trainer and by clicking it you could get on forum discussion page of the Trainer. It is missing now.

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Some screenshots… what used to work without restrictions (ver. 5.3…) now does not work without the beforehand internet connection. (?)

… I already wrote that I could not load the trainer for unknown reasons.

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  1. the version numbers don’t match so we cannot guarantee everything works hence the vote for an update

  2. I don’t see the issue. We are telling users that wemod will have limited capabilities until you connect again.

  3. Yes, you are required to have an account and login to continue using the cheats after a set amount of time.

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"1. the version numbers don’t match so we cannot guarantee everything works hence the vote for an update"
What do you mean? I have WeMod - 6.0.4, Far Cry 5 - 1.011 (Uplay).
Why do I need this information? In other cases, it is missing… eg, FC New Dawn.
2. I don’t see the issue. We are telling users that wemod will have limited capabilities until you connect again.
In this case, while the resident WeMod modules are in memory, I can use the trainer… the functions I need works.
3. Yes, you are required to have an account and login to continue using the cheats after a set amount of time.
But sometimes, through the fault of the provider, internet connection is missing… and I, for several days, are deprived of the pleasure use the trainer in the game.

I do not have a normal offline mode.

… and (in the online mode) there have been problems with the antivirus, which after some time (with an incomprehensible message) closes the game.

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hi i dont know if im meant to type something useful here or not but the trainers work on a lot of games i have (installed from igg-games free game install website) and the trainers work wonderfully, cant put the shortcut in the “link” only the actual launch file, thanks for the awesome trainers !

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I do not use any mods. But in the latest version of WeMod and trainer for Far Cry 5, I can’t fish…
In previous versions, this was not.

Now I tried again:
I turned on options “Unlimited Stamina”, “Unlimited Oxygen”, “Unlimited Buff Duration” - all Ok… but after turning on “No Reload”, I got a glitch!
Сomplete example - the frequently used options of a trainer:

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@Chris So I’ve posted this before and I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue, I cant seem to use the wemod android app. The app will load but is unable to connect to my account even after logging out , uninstalling and redoing the code that the computer application provides. Am I the only one having this issue?

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