Wine / Proton / Lutris / Steam deck / Lignux compatibility, please

I suppose that making a lignux version would be hard to do.
But to make Wemod, just wine compatible would cost you not as much effort,
and with Steam Deck and migrations in old PCs from MS WOS 10 to Lignux it will
help a lot of users.

Thanks in advance.


This is something we’re going to look into for sure. It’s incredible how well programs run on it.

I’ve been struggling trying to get it on the steamdeck and looked through loads of tutorials with no luck. Hoping a solution can be made soon.


So far, the only workaround for Steam Deck is the following community-made topic

Otherwise, you can load Windows onto your Steam Deck using various methods, then install WeMod onto that. Some users (including myself) have done this.

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A solution is being made. Its basically my method but entirely automated and much better. Its still in the testing phase of development, so if it doesn’t work right off the bat, it can GREATLY speed up my method. But once this is finished and released it’ll be the definitive way to use WeMod until we get an official version

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Just want to say I’d subscribe to support this once it’s released. I don’t boot into Windows very often anymore so WeMod’s not been much use to me because of that…

You can get wemod to run on Linux but it’s not stable

Sure and I’m gonna try it out (maybe some time this week) but I’d be willing to lay down a few bucks for people who enjoy that kind of work (ie WeMod devs) to make it easier and more reliable. :slight_smile: I came back to check on WeMod because CEProtonLauncher suddenly stopped working on me.

Wemod works great in Bottles for non-Steam launchers (That you’d normally use Lutris for).
Assuming you have access to a Windows machine for the Wemod files.

I just posted about it here.