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Phasmophobia save crypter

Got bored so I decided to see what I could do with Phasmophobia. I figured the first thing was getting a save en(de)crypter working. I have only tested it on my save so MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE FIRST. Your save can be found in AppData/LocalLow/Kinetic Games/Phasmophobia/

Run the crypter, open your save in a text editor, edit it, then run the crypter again. There is no real gui just a command line telling you it has been encrypted/decrypted. I am not tracking which one so if you open your save and it still looks weird then it is still encrypted.



Save Crypter.exe (33 KB)

No, I am not releasing the source for this but here is a virustotal scan:

I am not responsible if you are banned from editing your save. I will also be releasing additional cheats that make it impossible to die, the ability to ignore purchase level requirements, and several others.

10/13 Added a little error checking and cleaned up some code.


any extra steps? as in just opening will do? or do we have to move it to our save data?

with my last post, it worked. I put the en/decrypter in the file of my saves and ran it bu just opening it. I opened it and changed my money above the negative. I then closed and saved the txt file and the en/decrypter. I then reopened the en/decrypter and closed it and opened the game and it ran fine. don’t forget to remove it after using it.
the only problem I encountered was when I first tried opening it, my windows prevented me from running it. I just clicked more info then the run button. is there any reason this would have occurred?

I forgot that Windows 10 requires apps to be signed to avoid the popup. I run everything through visual studios so I never experience the issue. Good to hear it worked though.

where do u go if you have the steam version bc i dont have that modpath it seems

alright so i used it and thankfully i did my save thingy and problem, it reverted my progress, what if i delete the folder wit hthe anti cheat on it

Hey all the steps work just fine for me, only concern I have is that all my stats got reset, I made a back as instructed but when I try replacing my savedata, and relaunch the game it just reverts the save back to level 0 and 0 bucks. I’m I doing something wrong or is this intended. thanks!

Welcome to the community @InsaneOptical. :slight_smile:

Since your stats and money are zero both in the modded and unmodded save data, it could be possible that the game’s moderators reset your account progress - which would be the case if you attempted to use a cheated profile/save in an online game mode, which is easy to do since this game is developed with co-op in mind.

You should only use cheated saves in single-player games. Single-player modes are apparently tougher than co-op modes (the devs basically forcing you to find a co-op partner), so our use of cheats in single-player is perfectly justified. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

I haven’t attempted to join any lobby, I haven’t played single player aswell.

Try playing a game in single-player for a little bit (ie, get some in-game money legitimately first) and then using this save crypter on the save.

Back-up first, obviously.

For sure, I’m going to start troubleshooting a little bit, thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep yall updated if I manage to get it working.

@InsaneOptical @dylanam can you guys send me a copy of your save. I haven’t had any issues with it resetting my level.

So, I’ve tried many things, but all lead to one conclusion, the reset of Level and Money, version 0.174 (steam)

I provided my SaveData:

Non-edited, worked on the save for about 7 hours last night to rebuild my old level and money, Money was modified via cheat engine. ( which does not effect the crypter in anyway).

Did you try to modify your save with the game open?

I was also having this problem but I found if you try it multiple times, it can work.

I would go in, modify it, save and close, then go into the game and check to see if they stuck or reset everything. If it reset I would go back out, open it up again, modify it, save it, close, open again and then manually save back over my just saved one, close both, then open back up the crypter and close it again before starting the game back up.

It would be hit or miss, but I was able to get the save I wanted down, hopefully this is helpful some lol.

@Chris I had the game closed, I found that when you close the game it overwrites the past savedata.txt

I attempted something similar, but like you said “if you try it multiple times”, I guess I have bad luck.

Hmmm not sure why it would give you any issues. I tried it on multiple saves and didn’t have any issues.

Ok I think I figured it out.

When you open the crypter, it makes the file readable for you, so you can change it all and that like regular. When you close the crypter it is still readable for you, so you have to open up the crypter again and it will encrypt it again so its a bunch of random symbols and letters and that. When the words are encrypted, you can open the game back up and it should work. At least in my experience.

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing lol.

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This actually helped a lot, thank you good sir.

Lol you’re welcome, I noticed after I posted it, but, it was stated up top to do that too. I must have skimmed over it which resulted in having the problem, hopefully the post I did helps other lazy people who didn’t fully read it too haha.