Why are there different cheats for each storefront?

I recently got the Xbox Game pass for pc, and to my dismay, the windows store is unsupported big time. Games that are able to be cheated on steam have no support for windows store. I just ask this one thing: Why is there different versions of cheats for each storefront? I don’t understand why there’s a need to have that. Are the games code different depending on where you buy it? I just want an answer so I can grasp this.

Generally games on Origin, Uplay, Steam, and Epic are the same. Windows store is different and would require a different trainer to be made.

How are they different to the point of it needing a different trainer?

Though I’m not a trainer developer, I’ll try and provide a bit of an explanation here.

Computer games use your computer’s memory to store data that is specific to the game which is playing. Such data might be:

  • Level of player health
  • Total primary weapon ammunition
  • Total secondary weapon ammunition
  • Amount of currency player has
  • Current skill level of player’s endurance stat
  • Current skill level of player’s intelligence stat

And so on and so on.

A trainer works by changing these specific memory addresses by injecting values/codes into them. But before it can do that, the trainer maker has to locate exactly where in the player’s memory such data is stored.

The location of this data can vary depending on:

  • Version of the game
  • DLCs added to the game
  • Store where the game was purchased
  • Re-designed versions of games to comply with regional laws (common in Germany, for example where references to Nazism are heavily edited out for legal reasons).

This is why there needs to sometimes be different trainers for the same game purchased from different stores, because the memory data for certain values, such as those listed above, are sometimes stored in completely different places. It can also explain why trainers can stop working when a game is updated - because the memory data location may have changed.

Sometimes a trainer for a game from Steam will also work on the same game purchased from, say, Epic Games - if the location of the memory data is stored in the same place on your computer for both game versions. But that’s not always the case or may sometimes just be half the case (as in only half the cheats will work).
The only way to know for sure if a trainer for a Steam game will also work on the same game from the Epic Games store (for example) is to try it, but don’t expect it to work, the chances of it working flawlessly is probably 50% or less.


I see. That makes sense. Thanks for answering. But I can’t get any of the cheats to work from one trainer to the other.

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Most welcome indeed. :slight_smile:

Yes, not all trainers will work cross-store. I know that the Steam trainers here for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City will work on the Epic Games version of those games. But the Batman: Arkham Knight Steam trainer won’t work on the Epic version. It’s a guessing game whether trainers for a specific store will work for other store versions. I personally haven’t heard of a Steam trainer working for a Windows game yet, though.


Oh well. Thank you for answering all these questions, you were very helpful!

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Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

If there isn’t a trainer for a game you have from a certain store, feel free to vote for one to be made. The vote bar for requested trainers doesn’t have to be full (though it helps), each vote just nudges it a bit higher up the to-do list.

If there isn’t an option to vote for a specific game from a specific store, just make a thread here asking if an option to vote for a specific trainer can be added. :slight_smile:

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