Search Bars

If I’m looking for a certain game on the actual infinity program and there is too many games to look through and I can’t be bothered to scroll till I find it. so a search bar feature would come in handy. or a Ctrl+F shortcut could be useful. I’m sorry if this is such a stupid topic or a nu-sense in comparison to other topics.

thank you. cheers.


Infinity detect your games normally so its not that too big of a deal imho

  1. You play a game, make your mind up you want to use a trainer.
  2. You open Infinity, if your game is installed Infinity will detect it and you can start your modifications.
  3. If not detected, check the forum for the game and suggest a trainer for the game.
  4. Profit!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You can always check these two pages to search


This could actually be a good feature for infinity v2.

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It won’t be needed in V2.

Not a stupid topic, i might have suggested this already. But v2 is completely redesigned and different so games would be easier to find. I think its going to be released in August

Hope so, I’m pretty sure that you staff guys want to have it out in August

There will be a search feature added in Infinity 2.0! Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t develop infinity but just the trainers so i am just in blind about the release date as you. It’s all up-to frank but August is what i keep hearing! If not August then definitely September, i have seen what it’s gonna be like and most of it is done.

Sounds like how Frank and Chris would both always say 1 more month before Infinity was released even if it wasn’t released the following month ;)!

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It was me, but I’m getting better :stuck_out_tongue:

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So @Frank any word on a potential release window? Or is it just, maybe, hopefully August

We don’t want to hard set dates for several reason but unless something has changed we are still targeting next month.